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The Krishna water release will stand in the history - Rayalaseema will be developed only with TDP -Soon Unemployed will get Employment: k.J.Reddy

The Krishna Water from Gandikota irrigation Project to Pydipalem Reservoir in Pulivendula has been released by AP CM Chandrababu Naidu.

In Kadapa at Press Conference in TDP office, the TDP MLC Candidate K.J.Reddy of West Rayalaseema said, Rayalaseema will be developed only with TDP. Seema used to face 3 major problems that are Water Harvesting, Drinking water and Unemployment. The drinking water problem has almost solved and water for Farming has been solving with the hard work and efforts of CM and Other TDP Leaders. So the remaining major problem is Unemployment. To solve this problem the Government is establishing the industrial corridors in each District. He also said in Kadapa the MOU is done with 8 mega companies and there is one more problem facing our youth that they are not having the required skills for getting the jobs. To resolve this problem k.J.reddy is coming up with the Skill development centers with help of Government. He added that the first preference votes of Graduates are very important, so the graduates should wisely think and vote for the TDP.