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KJR foundation pledges to fight for girl child empowerment on National Girl Child Day

It is  a known fact that central government has decided to celebrate National Girl Child Day (NGCD) on January 24 every year. The reason behind holding the day is to put a check on the discrimination being shown against the girls by the entire society in the country despite the fact that people of the country call it as Mother India and worship it in public functions. 

According to a survey conducted by Unicef (United Nations Children’s Fund), it is found that 41 percent of girls below the age of 19 years are being married off by their parents in India even before they reach the marriageable age of 18 years. More shockingly, of the total married minor girls 15.47 percent are being married  off even before they reach 15 years of age in India. The survey further stated that family problems especially financial constraints of the parents and societal compulsions are forcing them to marry off their girl children before they major. The criminal practice is going on in an unabated manner in the country despite several judgements of the apex court of the country, Supreme Court of India (SC) to jail the parents of the minor brides.  The survey further reveals that of the three girl child marriage victims, one is from India.  Besides this prohibited practice, the country is also witnessing female feticides in the country for a long time. The survey revealed that     over 5 lakh girls children are being killed by way of abortions even before their birth by their parents. The strict prohibition on sex determination is not able to stop the parents from killing girl children in their wombs thanks to the callous attitude of the powers that be.  Keeping these grave injustices in mind, the central government has come up with Beti Bachao-Beti Padao scheme. The scheme was launched by none other than the Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi. There is  a need to implement the scheme in a strict manner. The governments of various states have also come up with various girl child welfare schemes like Kalyana Lakshmi to put a check on  girl child marriages.  

KJR foundation ahead of others in promoting women empowerment

The KJR foundation set up by prominent industrialist from Rayalaseema region Mr. KJ Reddy has also been striving to create awareness among the general public about the importance of the girl child. It is also organizing several social programmes to highlight the importance of women empowerment in the country. A firm believer of women empowerment Mr. KJ Reddy is also planning to organize programs ion issues like girl child education, nutrition, gender justice and financial aid to the girls. He also organized free health camps and clinics for the girls of Rayalaseema region. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Reddy said that they would hold many social awareness programs to give a fillip to the concept of women empowerment. As part of his ambitious plans, he has announced to provide jobs to the women in the industries being set up by his group companies. Noting that the country is witnessing a sharp decline in male female sex ratio, Mr. Reddy said that his foundation would work on abolition social menaces like child marriages, female feticides in the Raylaseema region. Reddy said that the Rayalaseema region can be rapidly developed only when the girls from the region are economically and socially empowered by everybody. 

kj reddy

“Blood Donation- A Great Social Service to Save a Life: KJR Foundation”

“ The Blood Donor is A Real Hero - Together we can Save a lIfe…!”

Blood donation is one of the most significant contribution that a person can make towards the society.  It is not harmful for a person to donate blood. The body of the donor can regenerate the blood within few days.

Little About Blood:

Human blood is divided into four groups viz; A,B,O and AB. This blood is stored and preserved in blood banks for a week or so as it is, and later is preserved in the plasma form.

About Blood Donation:

Blood donation is one of the beneficial concept connected with the science. Every Human needs blood for various reasons. He/She may be met with an accident or may be attacked with anemia, undergone an operation and many more…! Even a pregnant mother may need blood in case of emergency situation. But many times a patient may die for want of blood as it is not always easily available.

So in addressing this Social Problem the “KJR Foundation” started a Blood Bank that offers free Blood to the people in Critical Situations. Donation of blood is a prime need of the country, Hence KJR Foundation Requesting all the Citizens in the Country to donate blood. It’s Primary aim is to Serve the Rayalaseema people and then the whole country.

The KJR Foundation came up with a Slogan

  “ The Blood Donor is Real Hero - Together we can Save a lIfe…!”

Why We Should Donate Blood..?

*There is no other Substitute for the Blood

*In India  for every 3 seconds someone needs a Blood transfusion.

* Our one time Blood Donation will save the Life of 3 people

How 3 People's LIfe..?    

The Donated Blood will be Separated into 3 forms Red cells, Plasma and Platelets. So it can be used to 3 different people who needs only that part of the Blood.

Benefits of the Blood Donation:

* It Refreshes your Blood which results in good Health

* It Reduces the Risk of Heart Diseases

* It Reduces the Risk of Cancer

* You will get free Health Checkup

* You will get a Free Blood whenever you need in urgency

How to Donate Blood..?

Please login to Register as a Blood Donor on: kjrfoundation.co.in/bloodDonor

kj reddy

Achievements of the political scion-Nara Lokesh

Nara Lokesh, the National General Secretary of ruling Telugu Desam Party (TDP in Andhra Pradesh, does not require any introduction to the Telugu people. 

He has proved himself to be the perfect political successor of his father and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu thanks to his streak of achievements in politics. Lokesh got into politics in the year 2013 as the heir of his father and began to participate actively in the affairs of TDP by the month of May of the same year. 

Some of the achievements of the political scion of Mr. Naidu are:

1. Architect of Cash Transfer Scheme (CTS) for party’s manifesto in the 2009 assembly elections. Lokesh developed the concept by observing a similar one in Brazil. It was introduced by UPA-2 government headed by Congress Party in the year 2013 although it criticized Lokesh for mooting the concept initially.

2. Played a crucial role in bringing back the party into power under the leadership of his father and party’s national President Mr. Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

3. Architect of Public Private Participation (PPP) model to provide drinking water to all villages of Andhra Pradesh under a scheme christened NTR Sujala Sravanti scheme.

4. Successfully introduced an accident insurance scheme to all active workers of the party and implemented it successfully. His move to introduce the insurance scheme was aped by  many of his political rivals later.

5. Inventor of TDP Workers’ Welfare Fund which extends financial aid to party workers in times of need. 

6. Created a new record by enrolling over 50 lakh people as party workers in record number of days. The fete achieved by the party was compared with the US Army  by many intellectuals and political observers alike 

kj reddy

MLC Candidate KJ Reddy Vows to halt Migration: The Hans-India Kurnool News

Speaking to the Media, the West Rayalaseema Graduates MLC Candidate KJ Reddy on friday Said his main motto is to stop the migration that is taking place in the Rayalaseema Districts.

He added, Establishment of industries in the region would serve the purpose. As of now the Telugu Desam Party is mainly Focused on irrigation projects. KJ Reddy Said the irrigation water has been extended to Kurnool, anantapur and Kadapa through Handri-Neeva Sujala Sravanthi. Now the Government is also striving to generate the employment by establishing more industries in the Seema region.   

On this occasion, the Pastors Federation extended their support and performed special prayers.  

In this meeting Rayalaseema pastors federation President Yesu Ratnam, Kurnool district pastors federation president Immanuel, City president Villiams, State TDP Christian Cell Chief Secretary Havilan Babu were participated.


Source From: The Hans-India News

kj reddy

OCTS JAC Leaders Expressed their full support by raising the hands on Stage with loud cheers.

In Srisailam of kurnool district a meeting held in presence of OSTS JAC Leaders regarding the upcoming Graduate MLC elections.

In this meeting KJ Reddy's Representative Rajashekar Reddy expressed the MLC election campaign planning, vision and Agenda of KJ Reddy.

All the Leaders of OSTS JAC were impressed with the KJ Reddy vision towards the Rayalaseema Development, his views on eradicating the unemployment and raised their hands on the stage with Loud cheers in supporting KJR.

kj reddy

Engineers of Power Department were extended their Support to KJ Reddy as Graduate MLC:

The Power Department Engineers of kurnool district were met KJ Reddy yesterday at his office and extended thier full support to him for upcoming Graduate MLC elections.  

In this meeting KJ Reddy explained his views on Rayalaseema Development and the imporatance of MLC elections. They Admired KJ Reddy on his Agenda towards Seema Development.

kj reddy

The Incredible Journey of Sri K.J Reddy(K.J.R)

Eminent personality Mr. KJ Reddy has carved a niche for himself and has been taking his business ideas to the next level with his rich experience. He is a shining example of a businessman’s success story. The path to entrepreneurship has many different roads. But, this is the story of hard work, dedication and innovative mantra of the successful business.

Entrepreneurship is often difficult and tricky, as many new ventures fail. But KJR made his dream comes true with his strong beliefs about a market opportunity to accomplish an outcome and to exemplify his dream to work without a boss using his own hands to generate an income. “Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” “KJR’s successful mantra is - The future depends on what you do today.” With a keen interest towards social activities, he lent his hands and contributed his best to the society through the Corporate Social Responsibility. The main agenda of this social welfare programme is to set up a Foundation to address the problems of the polio affected and the underprivileged people in the society The main vision is to work towards asset generation that is useful in creating long-term surplus, than to dole out funds for populist schemes that encourage perpetual parasitism. A corpus fund has been earmarked for that purpose, and a conscious and conscientious policy is being chalked out to realize this precious dream. KJR’s Big Heart Mr KJR always strives hard to provide generating jobs for the youth through his Raaga Mayuri Group, which is going to set off as a mega electronic park with the centre of activity at Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. He has been careful in his choice of business ideas and earned a fair share of success in his career. The epitome of KJR business was typical of his career, KJR With an intention to take his Raaga Mayuri Group to the national level, KJR is all set to begin eight segments that will make electronic components for defence and aerospace sector, taken up in collaboration with Electronic Industries Association of India (ELCINA). This 50-acre industrial park, located alongside National Highway – 7 (Hyderabad – Bangalore stretch) at Chilamathur village near Hindupur will generate employment for 20,000 people in direct and indirect mode. “KJR's Journey: Hard work, Lessons and Intelligence from his Remarkable Career” As Group was built brick by brick with complete support from his family. But brick and mortar and a glowing career alone do not automatically lead to coaching success. He worked very hard to improve his business in each and every stage. Ideas behind KJR strategies With over a decade of rich experience, he has planned yet another project through Ragamayuri Group that is a mega food park with the centre of activity on Telangana-Andhra border. The core food park will come up in Mahabubnagar District of Telangana and the processing centres at Kurnool, Ranga Reddy, Anantapur, and Kadapa in the year 2017. KJR Group Chairman K.J. Reddy would invest about Rs. 112 crore to create infrastructure for 50 individual units, which will be engaged in various activities of food processing and value addition. The project was approved by Central Ministry of Food Processing, which would provide a grant of Rs. 50 crore. The investment size of the guest companies are likely to be in the range of Rs. 2,000 crore. According to the promoters, the food park was likely to create 10,000 jobs and marketing facilities for one-lakh farmers. Political Entry With an aim to provide social welfare activities, this dynamic, enthusiastic, optimistic, and future-oriented, Creative Business Leader and a humble man is all set to enter into politics and contesting as a Graduate MLC candidate for KADAPA, KURNOOL, and ANANTAPUR regions. He always strives for the Development of the Rayalaseema Region with his own and government enabled projects. His main aim is to generate 20,000plus jobs to his local people who are craving for jobs. Sri K.J.Reddy’ outlines his vision for development of Rayalaseema region. Way to go!!! “Wishing him all the very best and Success!”

kj reddy

KJR opens up about Rayalaseema development

TDP MLC candidate for Kurnool, Kadapa and Anantapur graduate constituency Mr. KJ Reddy's Interaction with the media, in Kurnool,unveiled his vision for the constituency.

This famous and eminent industrialist who is also popularly known as KJR, says that he would strive to bring different types of industries to the three Rayalaseema districts. He has already chalked out a plan to hold a meeting with all the leaders from the three districts to discuss on the issue and has come up with a comprehensive action plan to transform all the natural resources of these districts into industrial hubs . KJR also stated that industries such as educational, electronics and IT etc into employment opportunities for the local youth and industrial hubs for investors. Besides, KJR will push the government to bring all the national level prestigious institutes like IITs, IIMs and NITs in various districts of the Rayalaseema. They are currently contemplating to make a decision to bring which kind of institutes in different places in the three districts. With a systematic procedure, the development will witness the immense development in a mesmerizing manner in the three districts. The universities, Central universities and everything will be discussed after the enrollment and they always strive hard to bring smile on the faces of Rayalaseema people.

kj reddy

Let's find solutions to our problems by enrolling as a voter in Graduate MLC elections

The bugle has been sounded for the election of Graduates MLC seats in Andhra Pradesh state. The election commission has fixed November 5,2016 as the last date for the enrollment

of fresh graduates as the new voters. The graduates who have completed their graduation till October, 2013 are eligible to be enrolled as voters for the elections. Many of you might have questions like: Is it very important to enroll as voters for the graduates MLC seats? Should we just ignore them as any other elections? The answers to these questions are that: It is very important for all the fresh and old graduates to enroll as a voter for the MLC elections for various reasons, we cannot just ignore them like any other elections. The most important reason being the graduate MLCs play a vital role in raising the problems and issues faced by the unemployed graduates in the Legislative Council, where they sit after their election. The graduate MLC elections in reality are very crucial for all the graduates as it helps them to elect an intellectual candidate as their representative. The intellectual elected by them would in turn help the graduates in raising the issues particularly related to the youth and unemployment. The leader elected with the help of the graduates’ votes, can put pressure on the government for setting up industries and National level institutes in his constituency and help in creating employment opportunities to the local youth. The MLCs also play crucial role by helping the government make laws and regulations based on their knowledge and experience. The MLC can also be elected as a state cabinet minister to serve the entire state. So, let’s gear up and enrol our names with the state election commission to become eligible to vote in the MLC elections. The fresh graduates who want to enrol themselves have to log onto the website of (http://eci.nic.in/eci/eci.html)Clik here and download Form -18((http://ceoaperms.ap.gov.in/mlc_ereg_ap/ero/form18.aspx ),Click here take a print out, fill the application and sign it. The filled in application forms will have to be submitted at the office of the local election commission official along with the following attachments: Ø Driving Licence(or) Ø Telephone Bill(or) Ø Electricity Bill(or) Ø Ration Card(or) Ø Aadhar Card(or) and Ø Copy of Degree Certificate self attested, if it or personally Ø Degree Certificate attested with gazetted sign. The forms can also be submitted through post. The interested graduates can also register their names online by logging on to the website of Andhra Pradesh State Election Commission online.

kj reddy

TDP Selected it's MLC Graduate Candidate as KJR

The ruling Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in Andhra Pradesh state has declared the renowned Industrialist “KJ Reddy” as candidate for the upcoming(2017) MLC polls. KJ Reddy will be fielded from Kurnool, Kadapa and Anantapur graduates MLC seat.

KJ Reddy is chosen among many leaders because of the work done towards development of the Rayalaseema Region. A native of Jagadurthi village from Dhone Mandal of Kurnool district, KJ Reddy is the son of a farmer. He completed his schooling in his home town and did his graduation in “Dairy Science” from Y.S.Raja Reddy College in Pulivendula of Kadapa district in the year 1984. He began his career as a Medical Sales Executive in the year 1986 and within a short span of time he rose to the position of Regional Manager. KJ Reddy won many recognitions and awards for his excellence in the marketing field from several companies. KJ Reddy, is famous as KJR in the entire Rayalaseema region, later decided to become an entrepreneur. Despite the universal fact that ‘running a business is a risky affair’, KJR succeeded in the field of business thanks to his sheer hard work, innovative ideas and the values he believed in. His entrepreneurial journey began as a dealer and distributor of computers and computer peripherals, office equipment. Within a short span of time, KJR excelled as the distributor. Later he took up distribution of Godrej Modi Xerox GE and Schiller medical equipment for the entire Rayalaseema region and won several laurels for achieving the sales target by competing only with metros and won Silver and Gold medals in the process. The serial successes achieved by him helped him to never look back again. Using the money made through his business, KJR successfully started a group called K.J.R Group, which is involved in Real Estate business, Education, Leisure, Infrastructure and Philanthropy. Under his effective leadership, guidance and principles, the KJR Group has today emerged as one of the most successful business ventures in Kurnool. The Philanthropic wing of his group has helped so many people and organizations in need and brought smiles on their faces. His main goal is to set up a foundation to address the problems of the polio affected and the underprivileged people in the society and to work for their development . KJR is also focusing on generating jobs for the unemployed youth through his Raaga Mayuri Group, which is going to set up a mega electronic park with its centre of activity at Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh that is going to provide employment around 20,000 people. The industrialist and turned philanthropist thanked the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) National President and Andhra Pradesh “Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu” for nominating him as the candidate for the upcoming MLC elections from the graduates seat.

kj reddy

K.J Reddy meet up with the Minister Sri Paritala Sunitha:

The ruling party Graduates MLC Candidate for Kurnool, Kadapa and Anantapur,Mr. KJ Reddy has called on Andhra Pradesh State Civil Supplies Minister Paritala Sunitha at the latter's residence in Anantapur town.

The meeting took place on Wednesday. During the meeting, the two leaders have discussed upon the ongoing voter enrolment drive for the upcoming elections. Speaking on the occasion, Minister Paritala Sunitha urged all the eligible graduates to enroll their names before November 5,2015, the last date for the enrollment as voters in the upcoming graduate MLC elections. She said that Ruling Telugu Desham Party (TDP) leaders and workers should play a proactive role in enrolling the young graduates as the voters in the elections. She called upon the party cadres to play a crucial role in registering as many voters as possible before the last date. She said that the party leaders and workers should work hard to ensure the victory of party Candidates in both graduates and teachers MLC constituencies of Rayalaseema. The two leaders have also discussed upon the strategies to be employed for the grand victory of the party. The MLC elections for the two seats are likely to be held in either February or March month of 2017.